Royal Supported Apartment

The Royal is county certified as a Supported Apartment in the village of Belgium.  The home is licensed to accomodate two adults with developmental disabilities and can support individuals who are ambulatory. The adults supported at this home have high independance levels, maintain careers in the community and are community integrated at all levels.  

Royal Supported Apartment is the upper apartment in a two level duplex. There is a 24-supervised Adult Family Home located on the first level. If any issues arise the residents in the apartment are encouraged to contact the staff downstairs at the Adult Family Home for assistance.  

The staff at Royal Supported Apartment have all of the required training, in addition to twelve hours of continued educational training annually. The additional training for the staff is tailored to the needs of the residents.Contact Matt Nuernberg at (262) 284-9656 for a tour of this facility.

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